Monday, August 24, 2009

time to begin {again}

many firsts are coming about this month.

• my first week back to work after the birth of baby girl #3
• my little brother's daughter was born
• baby girl #1 start kindergarten next monday (where has the time gone)
• baby girl #2 is starting to put her words together

it has been a busy month for me. i have been sewing alot this last month it seems. at least when i can get a few moments to myself. i am currently working on some nice school clothes for my little girl. she has picked out a few patterns and i have picked out a few. i think they are coming together quite nicely. need to get some more done though. only a few days left until she starts. i am also making a few things for other people and that has been fun to do. a little change in what i have been doing.

i was in the kitchen today when i heard my girls playing. then my second daughter said, "my chair". she has always just said MINE but now it is my chair. stringing her words together now. it wasn't a big thing but at the same time a huge thing to me. it will be fun to see what is to come.

i have been working on ideas for christmas gifts already. hard to believe but i have. i even started gathering and putting things together. i am actually excited for them. not sure who will get what but it is going to be fun no matter what.